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Physiotherapy can be defined as ‘Physical Therapy’ which involves evaluating, diagnosing and treating a range of diseases, disorders and disabilities.

In a layman term we can define Physiotherapy as a ‘drug-free’ healthcare practice .

At KareatHome, Physiotherapy has proven successful RESULTS in certain condition where allopathic medication and other medical treatment doesn’t have much effective. Person who practices Physiotherapy known as PHYSIOTHERAPIST, the one who helps an individual to regain/restore the movement and function when affected by any injury, disabilities or illness.

Role of a Physiotherapist:

  • Assess, manage and treat a broad range of medical disorder from Pain management to Strokes.
  • Increase mobility, build strength, improve balance, posture correction, managing pain, maintain the property of muscles & joints and enhance cardiopulmonary performance.
  • To make an individual independent for his/her activity of daily living.

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